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Event date 20 Mar '24 15:00 - 16:00 (UTC)
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Over the past two decades, more than 80 cities across the world have experienced severe drought-related water crises. These crises are often attributed to intensifying climate change. Yet, the physical dimension of climate change alone does not explain the fundamentally unjust outcomes of these crises. Through an urban political ecology lens, this talk will focus on two interrelated dimensions of urban water (in)security and justice. First, I examine how power relations, economic visions, and variability in the exercise of agency shape the production and distribution of uneven drought risk across urban spaces. Second, I discuss the unsustainable water use by urban elites and its role in exacerbating urban water crises. I conclude that water-justice focussed policies should prioritise the needs of those who most directly experience the effects of urban water crises and ongoing development struggles, whilst preventing any form of overconsumption. 

More information about the session here: WSJUST Webinar Series: Don’t blame climate change: urban droughts and the politics of water (in)security ( 

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