Welcome to the Community of Learning and Practice on Drought Management—Latin America and the Caribbean! 

At COP 15, Parties requested the UNCCD Secretariat to encourage, support and facilitate communities of learning and practice to pursue co-learning and collaboration for drought risk reduction and resilience capacity-building issues (Dec 23/COP. 15). As response to this decision, the UNCCD Secretariat, in collaboration with GWP, launched the Communities of Learning and Practice (CLPs) with the mission to pursue co-learning and collaboration for drought risk reduction and resilience capacity-building issues, including the use of UNCCD Drought Toolbox at all levels. 

The objectives of the CLP on Drought Management-Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are to:  

  • Enhance the knowledge and technical capacities of national actors and key stakeholders working on drought management and desertification, including bridging local knowledge and indigenous practices across the LAC region. 

  • Encourage the adoption, replication, and upscaling of integrated and inclusive drought management practices in LAC.  

  • Raise the political profile of drought management and support the design and development of integrated drought management policies and governance frameworks in LAC. 

  • Build trust, cooperation, and a shared sense of identification between national and regional actors and other key stakeholders working on drought management and desertification in LAC. 

  • Support a paradigm shift towards proactive, gender responsive and transdisciplinary thinking on integrated drought management in LAC.  

The CLP-LAC pertains to policy makers, scientists, international experts, researchers, students, farmers, field practitioners, and other professionals who are interested in drought-related issues in the LAC region. Women, youth, and indigenous people are particularly welcome to join the CLP-LAC. The CLP-LAC will add value to knowledge sharing by allowing community members to discuss region specific ideas, challenges, and experiences. A special emphasis is therefore given to South-South cooperation and knowledge exchange. 
This online knowledge hub offers a virtual space where CLP members can share perspectives, knowledge, ideas, and experiences among each other. You can easily post your opinions, share news and events, upload case studies, get to know other people with similar interest, and directly contact other members via private messages.  

Here are some key activities and services offered by CLP-LAC and this dedicated virtual space: 

  • Library of curated tools, case studies, and technical resources on drought management. 

  • Workshops and capacity building activities to support the design of National Drought Policy Plans with the aim of boosting the resilience of people and ecosystems to drought.  

  • Expert discussions and webinars on a variety of topics related to drought management (i.a., land dehttps://droughtclp.unccd.int/user/3551/homegradation, dust storms, early warning systems, monitoring, etc.).

  • Peer-to-peer exchange on good practices, practical considerations, and lessons.

  • Networking events to get to know people from all around the world working on drought-related issues.  

  • Membership directory for you to find experts in your specific field and country of interest.

Core group members

On behalf of the UNCCD Secretariat, we extend a warm welcome to the CLP-LAC and look forward to exchanging with you!